Common Mistakes Small Businesses Make at Online Platform And How To Avoid Them

Businesses need to pursue consistent online presence. Though more than half of all small businesses nowadays own websites, it is not enough to create a persistent online presense. There are common mistakes that nearly all business owners make in their early career.

The most common mistake is ignoring the local SEO. Studies show that 97% of Internet users search for local businesses.


Local SEO can help you attract customers in particular region, so you should optimize your site for local queries. For boosting your local SEO, you can:

  • Verify your Google My Business Listing. Google My Business connects your business with customers. After verifying your page you can change name, address, phone, add the right category for your business and a relevant description.
  • Optimize Meta Tags and Page Content for Local Keywords. Your site will have an advantage if you add the city or the region in the title tag and in the meta description.If you do not know yet what meta tags are and how to use them for your SEO, check this article.
  • Embed a Google Map. A Google Map connected to Google Plus local listing allows your customers to see all the required information about your business.

According to Google survey, 72% of mobile users consider it important for a website to be mobile – friendly. So it would be a mistake for a business owner to ignore mobile optimization.


Mobile- friendly refers to a site that displays accurately both on your desktop/laptop computer and on mobile devices Mobille- friendly website’s features include:

  • Text based email addresses, phone numbers, physical addresses that can easily trigger calls, .email messages  and directions from your phone.
  • Small image sizes for fast loading.
  • Avoiding slideshows or image rotators that function with Adobe Flash support, because Apple and a number of mobile devices do not support Adobe Flash.

Another common mistake will be to ignore site’s loading speed. Studies show that 40% of users will abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. With the development of technologies users become more impatient, and business owners should pay attention to their websites’ accessibility.

In  order to run a competitive business it is of highly importance to pay attention to customers’ reviews a thing that business owners often ignore. In fact, the more recommendations a business has the higher the chances are to earn trust among new customers. Even negative reviews will be helpful for improving your product or service. Small businesses should encourage reviews as the best social proof when the are highlighted in a website. They should pay attention to their audience and listen to their needs in order to improve their product or service and become helpful.




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