How you can use social media for your business

Social media has become a part of our lives. Nearly everybody has an account in one of most popular social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and fastly growing Instagram for communication, entertainment or as a source of information.

social-media-marketing-roi1But social media can become a good tool for networking opportunities for any kind of business. One of the priorities that social media provide, is that you do not necessarily have to have a website of your company to introduce to your potential customers. You can have a page of your company in social media platforms and spread information about your business, share photos, videos, allure more customers and generally raise awareness about your business.

Here are some tools  and advice concerning social media marketing for business owners on how to use social media in order to achieve your business goals and to spread information about your products, brand or services.

 First Plan

It is very important to have a good social media marketing strategy for your business. You should decide what platforms you are going to use, for what kind of audience, how much money you plan to invest for your marketing. Your strategy should contain clearly defined goals to achieve.

Use more visual content

Studies have shown that users pay more attention to visual content: images, photos, videos, etc. Create branded ‘featured images’ for your posts. Your visual content must be original, interesting, informative, entertaining so that users can share them with their friends b which your page ranking will rapidly rise.

Words matter too

The best way to get your customers’ attention is to deliver frequent, high-quality content. Your posts should be targeted to your audience. Create better title, headlines and paragraphs. Pay attention to not only the messages you want to deliver but also how you deliver them: the language, the style, the grammar.

Share at the right time

It may seem funny but studies have shown that time for sharing your posts is also important. of course you want to show your message to as many users as possible. This assumes that you should go where the crowd is, that is you should pay attention to when people are online and active.

Different social media platforms have different peak times. There are tolls that can help you to estimate the best time for this or that platform (e.g. FollowerWonk).

Pay less get more

Paid advertising in social media costs not much but it can promote your page very effectively. Your posts will have guaranteed visibility from a relevant audience.


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